Current partnerships can be viewed here. Partners which grow and develop together with Nils.


Together with Synsam opticians, Nils is developing a brand new collection of sports & lifestyle glasses. The collection will meet the high demands that Nils himself had on his equipment as a skater. All production takes place in Synsam’s new factory on Frösön, outside Östersund.


During the latter part of his sports career, Nils spent the pre-season in Åre to develop his physical abilities in the fantastic environment. Today, SkiStar works together with Nils to develop the fantastic environment instead.

Sparc Group

“I’ve never worked towards any other goal than to try to be the best in the world, and that’s not something I’m going to change,” Nils told Sparc’s founder Erik Björklund. Since the day they met, they have worked closely together to develop Sparc Academy. The academy’s main task is to make people around the Sparc Group feel better and be able to become their best selves.


The Japanese mobility company ensures that Nils can safely travel around Sweden and Europe. In his very own campervan, Nils has the freedom to travel and live anywhere!

Svenska Spel

The Swedish gaming company has as big a heart for Swedish sport as Nils. Nowadays, Nils is an ambassador for the company, but Svenska Spel has, for a long time, been an important sponsor to many of the youth associations that Nils has been a part of.

GKN Aerospace

Neither Nils nor GKN Aerospace have become known for having their feet on the ground. The collaboration started during the latter part of Nils’ sports career and is still ongoing. In fact, from Nils’ home in Trollhättan, it is only 5 kilometres to GKN’s factory, where the engines for JAS 39 Gripen, among others, are manufactured and serviced.